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The Douro Valley, where wine has been produced by traditional methods for more

than 2000 years, is our base to explore the unbelievable off road wonderland of northern Portugal mountains. One week, 1000kms in gravel roads under the warm colours of Autumn.

The Douro Valley


What gives this region a special character is its geography and climate. It is due to its special climatic conditions that this valley has become the birth of one of the world’s most well-known drinks, the Port Wine.

The Douro has its own micro-climate. The long mountain range along the West of this region protects the valley from the cold and humid winds that sweep in from the Atlantic, creating dryer conditions than along the coast.


In November, while central and northern Europe is under bitterly cold winter days, Douro Valley offers temperatures around     10ºC to 20ºC with the sun shining bright in the clear blue sky during many days, perfect conditions to enjoy an amazing week of riding fun.


We suggest you fly to Porto airport, the local international hub offering direct flights to most European cities. From there to our Base a beautiful train ride of 90 minutes will be a nice complement to your Tour.

The Wine house Hotel


The Wine House Hotel is one of the most well-known units of 'tourism of charm' of the Douro and has been the target of several international awards.


Having the vineyard and the wine as its inspiration and environment, it is geared towards gastronomic and oenological tourism, combining the modern and avant-garde image with sobriety and elegance.

On a 51-hectare estate of vines, stretching all the way to Douro, classic and historical Wines are produced since 1738 from this centenary estate Quinta da Pacheca

The main building is a traditional 18th-century house which was restored and now houses the 15 rooms and a restaurant.

The facilities, such as the traditional wine presses, port wine ageing cellar, museum, gardens, vineyards and wine shop, can be visited all year long. 

Family welcome


While you're having a blast in gravel roads, your family can discover all the richness of Douro Valley Region. 


They can learn and taste the richness of Portuguese gastronomy in cooking classes or enjoy different options of tours along the Douro River by traditional rabelo boat cruises or train.

Yoga classes and massages can be booked and there are always bicycles available to explore the vines and the river shores.

Peso da Régua, a medium size city in the shores of Douro River it's only 3kms the hotel.


Nearby splendid baroque-style historical buildings like Our Lady of Remedies Sanctuary in Lamego or Mateus Palace, pays homage to aesthetics with beautifully carved wood ceilings, sculptured gardens and collection of classic furnishings.

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